A Fused Artificial Intelligence-Based Platform to Optimize Skilled Training and Performance via Multimodal Physiological, Lifestyle, and Behavioral Assessments


­A Fused Artificial Intelligence-Based Platform to Optimize Skill Training and Performance

Tech ID: D2020-06


Currently, training or education across multiple domains and professions is completed using a “one size fits all” curriculum, where there is no dynamic personalization for a given learner. Instead, mission critical professions such as healthcare, emergency first responders, and the military often use rudimentary pass/fail or checklists to evaluate performance and competence. Learning management systems and advanced performance assessment systems currently exist. However, measures derived or generated by these systems are non-standardized, insufficient, and do not characterize the complete picture of skill acquisition and real-world performance. Known learning management systems also suffer from a lack of multi-modal assessment and built-on models that require data to be made available that are not available across training and operational domains, and therefore have limited applicability. Thus, there is a need for new and improved systems and methods for assessing and conducting training or otherwise managing learning.

Invention Description:

Researchers at the University of Toledo have developed a novel multi-modal assessment platform that provides standardized measures and artificial intelligence (AI) to personalize training and enhance real-world performance. The novel platform includes wearable devices and a cloud-based “Measure it All” framework to provide comprehensive measurement and assessment capabilities to optimize training and consequently the real-world performance of professionals in training from multiple domains. The system is capable of assessing the impact of highly complex physiological, lifestyle, and behavioral data relationships in the performance and learning process and provides an augmented and more effective training or skill acquisition experience.  To aid in enhancing personalized training for an individual by a healthcare provider, our fused AI-based platform offers unique abilities to a learning management system, allowing for a learner to better understand the curriculum and for the learning and training process to be optimized for each learner.

IP Status: Patent Pending


  • Artificial Intelligence based Education for training and performance
  • Medical Simulation


  • The novel invention is capable of monitoring subjects throughout the day including lifestyle (sleep quality), active status (fatigue), emotional states (stress/anxiety), etc.
  • The fused AI-based invention serves as a virtual coach to personalize training across diverse fields including healthcare, emergency first responders, law enforcement/army, etc.
  • The system utilizes novel wearable devices and software capable of monitoring and collecting a broad range of multimodal neurophysiological, lifestyle, and behavioral assessment data inputs in an unobtrusive and automated manner.
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