Novel Class of Materials for Boron Extraction


Project ID:  D2009-11



Solid Phase Microextraction (SPME) has gained widespread acceptance and use in laboratories due to the fact that it is a solvent-less extraction technique, its mode of operation is relatively simple, easy to automate, and sampling and sample preparation are combined into one step. Until now, methods that coat SPME fiber in ionic liquids (IL) require the IL to be re-coated on the fiber after each extraction and desorption step, which significantly reduces the convenience and high-throughput nature inherent to SPME. By tailoring the structure and composition of the employed IL and coupling the IL-based stationary phases to SPME, our novel method creates a logical extension to provide extraction selectivities and sensitivities.


Invention Description

Scientists at The University of Toledo have developed a novel system for stationary coating for solid phase micro extraction. Our patented technique uses absorbent coatings based on polymeric ionic liquids (PILs) that do not need to be recoated after every extraction, possess exceptional thermal stability, have highly reproducible extraction efficiencies, and long lifetimes.



-Solid phase microextraction (SPME) solvent-free sampling



-Can be coated as thin films on supports while resisting large viscosity drops with elevated temperatures and exhibiting exceptional stability

-Performance matches and for some analytes exceeds that of commercial PDMS coatings of similar thickness in terms of sensitivity and detection limits

-Can be custom designed to incorporate a multitude of simultaneous solvation interactions depending on the analytes being extracted and the complexity of the matrix, “task-specific microextractions”

-Exceptional extraction-to-extraction reproducibility in both an aqueous and synthetic wine solutions




IP Status:                    Issued Patent US 9,249,261-B2


Publication:    Zhao, Fei & Meng, Yunjing & Anderson, Jared. (2008). Polymeric Ionic Liquids as Selective Coatings for the Extraction of Esters Using Solid-Phase Microextraction. Journal of chromatography. A. 1208. 1-9.

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