Stabilized Spinal Fixation Hook


Project ID: D2013-70

Invention Description and Novelty: Spinal hook achieves greater reliability for implantation, stabilization and poly-axial head movement, as well as reducing anatomical mismatch with the lamina, transverse process and pedicle before being locked by a rod and fastener.

Value proposition:

·       Hook is shaped to engage multiple anatomic features;

·       Hook-shaped clamp or spring may use a temperature controlling scheme to allow for bone capturing upon implantation;

·       Provides patients with an increased range of motion, as opposed to the use of a spinal screw;

·       Invention will remove the threat of hooks falling off the spinal anatomy prior to rod insertion.

Application: Spinal fixation device for stability and fusion of the human spine.

IP Status: PCT Application Filed PCT/US14/035464

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