FAT2 (Protocadherin 30) Monoclonal Antibody (8C5)


Project #:  D1995-21


Antigen Specificity: Protocadherin 30 (PCDH30)


Clone: 8C5


Host species: Mouse


Reactive species: Human



FAT2 (FAT tumor suppressor homolog 2), also known as CDHF8, HFAT2 or MEGF1 (multiple epidermal growth factor-like domains 1), is a single-pass type I membrane protein that belongs to the protocadherin subfamily of cadherins. The cadherins represent a family of Ca2+-dependent adhesion molecules that function to mediate cell to cell binding that is critical for the maintenance of structure and morphogenesis. The cadherin superfamily includes cadherins, protocadherins, desmogleins and desmocollins. FAT2 contains one Laminin G-like domain, two EGF-like domains and 32 cadherin domains and is believed to function as a cell adhesion molecule.


Applications: Western blot, Immunofluorescence, Immunoprecipitation


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