Anti-Gamma-Catenin (11E4) Monoclonal Antibody


Project #:  D1995-13a


Antigen Specificity: Gamma – catenin (Plakoglobin)


Clone: 11E4


Specificity: Plakoglobin (~ 83 kDa)


Host species: Mouse


Reactive species: Human, Mouse



Plakoglobin (γ-catenin) is an 83 kDa protein, the only constituent common to submemberanous plaques of both desmosomes and intermediate junctions.  It was first demonstrated to associate with the desmosomal cadherins, desmoglein and desmocollin, and was subsequently shown to associate with the classical cadherins E- and N-cadherin. Plakoglobin’s interaction with E-and N-cadherin lead to its identification as the ~80 kDa protein originally called γ-catenin. Recent evidence indicates that the classical and desmosomal cadherins actually interact with distinct domains of the plakoglobin protein. Further, the desmosomal cadherins have been shown to regulate the accumulation of plakoglobin in the cell by decreasing its turnover rate. Mutation in this gene has been associated with Naxos disease.


Applications: Western blot, Immunoprecipitation, Immunofluorescence, Immunohistochemistry, Immunoassay (ELISA)



1.     Sacco, PA; McGranahan, TM; Wheelock, MJ; Johnson, KR. Identification of plakoglobin domains required for association with N-cadherin and alpha-catenin. J Biol Chem 1995, 270:20201-6

2.     Johnson, KR; Lewis, JE; Li, D; Wahl, J; Soler, AP; Knudsen, KA; Wheelock, MJ. P- and E-cadherin are in separate complexes in cells expressing both cadherins. Exp Cell Res 1993, 207: 252-60


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