Desmocollin (7G6) Monoclonal Antibody


Project #:  D1995-14


Antigen Specificity: Desmocollin


Clone: 7G6


Specificity: Reacts with the ~120 kDa desmocollin-2 and ~105 kDa desmocollin-3 protein


Host species: Mouse


Reactive species: Human



Desmosomes are intercellular adhering junctions that represent cell surface attachment sites for intermediate filament. The desmosome is subdivided into two regions. The plaque region lies adjacent to the plasma, and is believed to contain molecules that attach the intermediate filament cytoskeleton to the desmosome. The core region is composed of transmembrane glycoproteins that are thought to mediate cell-cell adhesion.

Desmogleins and desmocollins are the main desmosomal transmembrane proteins. These desmosomal glycoproteins belong to the members of the cadherin family of adhesion molecules. Three different isoforms of both desmogleins and desmocollins have been identified, named as desmoglein 1-3 and desmocollin. Desmosomal cadherins showed differentiation-specific expression in the human epidermis, although the functional significance of this differential expression is not fully understood. Desmocollin-1 can be found in the upper layers. The expression of desmocollin-2 varies in the basal and suprabasal layers. And desmocollin-3 is expressed more evenly throughout the suprabasal layers.

Domain specific desmosomal and adherens junction-associated antibodies have been widely used in recent studies. In one study, domain specific antibodies were used to determine the cellular localization of the skin of patients with Hailey-Hailey disease and Darier’s disease. Desmosomal cadherin antibodies are also useful for targeting specific disease and in the study of interaction between cell adhesion proteins.



1.     Buxton, RS; Cowin, P; Franke, WW; Garrod, DR; Green, KJ; King, IA; Koch, PJ; Magee, AI; Rees, DA; Stanley, JR; Steinberg, MS. Nomenclature of the desmosomal cadherins. J Cell Biol 1993, 121:481-483.

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