Toward Wet Wipes that Turn into Toilet Paper when Flushed


Project ID: TECH-2023-20


Wet wipes have been shown to clog pipes and pumps in wastewater collection and treatment systems. Additionally, wet wipes contain microplastics that contribute to water pollution. Some governments are proposing restrictions or complete bans on wet wipe products. Therefore, there is a need for a truly flushable wet wipe that does not cause water pollution.

Invention Description

Researchers at the University of Toledo developed a solution to reinforce toilet paper with a natural biopolymer gel that dissolves in excess water. This biopolymer is used as a binder rather than a detergent, and therefore acts uniquely to control liquid migration. The toilet paper wipes have a tensile strength similar to that of a wet wipe, but dissolves quickly.


- Wet wipes


- Flushable

- Does not produce microplastics

- Non-toxic binding agent


IP Status:                    Patent pending

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Yuriy Yatskiv
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