Loading Platform for Three-Dimensional Tissue Engineering Scaffolds


Project ID: D2016-48

IP Status: PCT patent application # PCT/US17/020706 

Applications: Three-dimensional loading platform for mechanical stimulation of cellular scaffolds for pharmaceuticals and tissue engineering strategies.

Invention Description and Novelty: Innovative method of handling and transfer of mechanical strains to tissue engineering scaffolds.

Value Proposition:

•       Capable of applying cyclic and static uniaxial tensile mechanical loading at a wide range of strains and loading frequencies on cellular scaffolds to mimic the in vivo environment of musculoskeletal and other tissues that experience uniaxial strains on a daily basis.

•       Achieves high and efficient strain transfer from the loading chamber to the scaffolds due to the design configuration of the chamber.

•       Preserves the mechanical integrity of the scaffolds over a broad range of mechanical strains and loading frequencies during long-term culture.

•       Eliminates scaffold handling procedures involved during transfer from culture to loading since the culture chamber is used as a loading chamber

•       Can be used to elucidate cellular signaling mechanisms undergone at physiological state, acute and chronic injuries as well as healing and rehabilitation phases

•       Provides a valuable input for devising tissue engineering strategies for soft tissue repairs and create engineered substitutes for tissue regeneration.

•       Serves as an in vitro platform to study the cellular uptake behavior and efficacy of pharmaceutical drugs when subjected to mechanical loading

•       Data shows alignment of scaffold matrix and cell viability, proliferation, and differentiation


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