Novel agents and methods for treating metabolic bone disorders and other conditions


Project ID:  D2014-15

IP Status: Provisional patent #62/115,786

Invention Description: Methods of generating and administering digestion products of FDA-approved low acyl gellan gum (LA-GAGR) to produce mega-GAGR, midi-GAGR, and mini-GAGR and administration thereof.


Applications: Compositions comprising midi- and/or mini-GAGR have been shown to be useful to enhance osteogenesis of adult mesenchymal stem cells. Included are methods of treating bone disorders including treating bone breaks/fractures and disorders, e.g. altered bone metabolism including osteoporosis, including post-menopausal osteoporosis, osteopenia, Paget's disease, osteolytic metastasis in cancer patients, osteodystrophy in liver disease and altered bone metabolism caused by renal failure or haemodialysis, osteogenesis imperfecta, bone fracture, bone surgery, aging, pregnancy, and malnutrition through administration of these compositions. In addition, methods are also available to examine the endothelial membrane-permeability of polysaccharides including products of LA-GAGR.


Novelty: Midi-GAGR has several desired properties (osteogenic, anti-oxidant, non-cytotoxic, anti-inflammatory, blood vessel-forming, and endothelial membrane-permeable) for treatment of bone metabolic diseases and other bone conditions. Osteogenic effect of midi- and mini-GAGR is attributable to those polysaccharides enhancing bone cell formation from human adult mesenchymal cells under osteogenic conditions.


Value proposition:

·       Materials described include polysaccharide digestive products resulting from the enzymatic hydrolysis of low acyl gellan gum (LA-GAGR). 

o   LA-GAGR is already used as a food additive, and in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals with few side effects in humans, even at high doses (~200 mg/kg);

o   LA-GAGR exhibits good oral bioavailability is relatively stable in serum, as well as biodegradable and cost effective. 

·       Both mini- and midi-GAGR enhanced bone cell formation from human adult mesenchymal stem cells at very low concentrations in the micro-environment found within bone. Mini- and midi-GAGR enhanced bone cell formation ~50 fold compared to the control osteogenic media alone. The effect of mini- and midi-GAGR should be limited to bone, and has no osteogenic effect in non-osteogenic condition (i.e., in other intra-body regions);

·       Mini- and midi-GAGR increase blood vessel formation from human umbilical vein endothelial cells;

·       Also provided is a pharmaceutical pack or kit comprised of one or more dosage units of a LA-GAGR digestion product sufficient for one or more courses of treatment for an adult mesenchymal stem cell.


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