Bitilix: A novel antimicrobial compositions using Bacillus Subtilis


Project ID: D2019-44

For several decades, antibacterial products such as sprays and wipes have widespread use in our society. Current antibacterial compositions are becoming increasingly ineffective against drug resistant bacteria causing more hospital-acquired infections and quickening the deaths of immunocompromised patients. The 2020 pandemic has also proved that the resistant bacteria is a global threat and failure of the existing cleaning solutions leads to economical and healthcare problems in all parts of the society. Thus, there is a strong market need for novel antibacterial compositions that offers lasting protection from harmful and resistant bacteria.

Invention Summary
Researchers at the University of Toledo have developed a novel anti-bacterial composition that utilizes a lysate of Bacillus Subtilis species to kill a variety of resistant bacteria and microbes. The novel invention provides an easily applicable solution to kill and stop the colonization of bacteria while being environmentally friendly. The formulation of the antimicrobial composition does not need to be changed in order to be used as a spray or on a substrate such as a cloth rag or fabric wipe conventional antibiotics and cleansers need a pathway into a bacterial cell through a porin channel on the cell membrane in order to work. However, this is how resistance is obtained; the bacteria can adapt around the antibiotic because of the need for a pathway. Our novel composition fights off the bacteria resistance effectively through a mechanism that does not give rise to resistance.

Disinfectants, eco-friendly cleansers, retail cleaning.


  • Offers 100% kill in 3 minutes on the bacteria and 5 minutes on the fungus.
  • Up to 48 hours of lasting bacteriostatic function that protects surfaces until contaminated again.
  • Ready-to-use and easy-to-apply product that can be applied to a rag, sprayed, or made into a wipe
  • Environmentally friendly, bio-based, and non-toxic.
  • Easily scalable.

IP Status: Patent Pending

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