Novel Metal Platform-Based Water Repellants


Project ID# D2020-15

Water repellant coatings have many applications in outdoor surfaces such as wind turbines, power lines, airplanes, and automobiles. Ice accumulation on wind turbines alone causes a 20 percent energy production loss in cold climate regions. Super hydrophobic that uses approaches such as creating a rough surface from low surface energy materials; and creating a rough surface followed by coating a low surface energy surfaces have shown strong anti-icing performance. However, application of these technologies on large-area objects such as wind turbine blades and aircraft is limited. The stability and durability of polymer and other coatings need improvements before anti-icing coating applications with them are realistic. Specifically, wind turbines require very durable anti-icing coatings because it is difficult to re-coat wind turbine blades after installation. There is a need in the art for new and improved super hydrophobic coatings and methods of making the same.

Invention summary:
Researchers at the University of Toledo have developed a super hydrophobic coating based on metallic structure without the need for texturing or surface roughening that retain greater durability while the process can be easily scaled for larger area applications. The novel invention offers robust super hydrophobic coating that can be applied to any surface with durability, economic viability, and environmental friendliness. The coating includes mixture of multiple metal and/or metal oxide layers on a substrate coated by typical coating processes such as chemical vapor deposition, physical vapor deposition, sol-gel methods, dip coating, spray coating, spray pyrolysis, plasma spraying, electroplating, or sputtering.

Hydrophobic coating.


  • High durability.
  • Easily scalable process.
  • Reduced corrosion.
  • Eco friendly.

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