Biomimetic approach to deposit bone-like coating on PEEK and other materials to improve osteoconductivity in implants


Project ID: D2011-33

IP Status: Patent Pending U.S and Europe

Invention Description: Novel method to prepare an implantable article comprised of a biocompatible substrate (polymeric or ceramic) to accept a very thin biocompatible, bioactive coating material to facilitate bio-ingrowth between the substrate and bone or cartilage tissue.

Applications: Bone fractures treated with wires, nails, screws, and plates; joints replaced by artificial endoprostheses; dental implants; other.

Novelty: Uses microwave energy to form a carbonated calcium deficient hydroxyapatite (CDHA) layer on the surface of implants to solve problems inherent to materials for implants produced from metals, polymers, ceramics and calcium phosphates (CaP). 

Value Proposition:

•       BIOACTIVE + BIOCOMPATIBLE: Technology produces a biocompatible and bioactive form of calcium phosphate coating which will degrade and facilitate bone formation for faster patient healing and recovery.

•       VERSATILE: Efficiently coats polymers and other substrates.

•       FASTER PROCESSING TIME: Commercially efficient processing time. Newly developed technology performs the coating process within minutes to a few hours thus allowing for converting the batch process to a continuous process.

•       THIN: Coating is very thin so as not to introduce fatigue under tensile loading or create residual stress, releasing energy which may promote interfacial debonding or flaking.

•       Forms direct bonds to newly formed bone tissue in the body;

•       Features biochemical and biomechanical properties suitable for load bearing orthopedic implants;

•       No degradation in-vivo;

•       Limited animal data is available.


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Katherine Pollard
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