Process to Produce High-strength and Corrosion Resistant Alloy for Patient-Specific Bioresorbable Bone Fixation Implants and Hardware


Project ID: D2016-43


IP Status: Provisional Patent Application # 62/270,227


Invention Description: Novel metallic alloy composition combined with a post-shaping heat-treatment process produces bioresorbable bone fixation hardware and implants. The technology produces stronger and less biocorrosive patient-specific devices than the base material. The methodology is applicable to various manufacturing processes such as 3-D printing and powder metallurgy.


Applications: Bone fixation hardware and implant devices.


Novelty: Newly-optimized alloy combined with heat treatment process. In addition to its role in improving the alloy's mechanical properties, the heat-treatment process also significantly enhances its biocorrosion properties, represented by a slower degradation rate of the alloy compared to a non-treated as-cast object in in-vitro tests.


Value Proposition:

•       Improves mechanical properties of metallic alloys.

•       Stronger and less biocorrosive than currently available devices.

•       Produced parts exhibit biocompatible corrosion byproducts that are known to encourage bone growth.

•       Heat-treated alloy parts can be further coated with various types of biocompatible ceramic coatings for slower and more tailored biocorrosion rates.


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