Pedicle Screw Including Stationary and Movable Members for Surgical Correction of Spinal Deformities


Project ID: D2009-56

Invention novelty:

Improved structure for a pedicle screw that has built-in derotation capabilities and is adapted to facilitate the installation of the longitudinal member, accomplishing the proper alignment of the spinal column by means of the spinal fixation device. 


Value proposition:

·       Method of aligning multiple vertebrae using movable and fixed components and an alignment rod;

·       Includes built-in derotation eliminating other derotation maneuvers such as bilateral screw extenders

·       Device may be positioned along any suitable surface of the spinal column and may span any region or vertical length (i.e., any number of vertebrae) as desired.

·       May be configured in any suitable manner for any desired application. Further, any suitable number of spinal fixation devices may be incorporated.

·       Locking member and retention member can be used to maintain the movable member in the closed position.


Invention for treating pediatric or adult degenerative spinal deformities as well as providing proper alignment and support of the spinal column for any desired purpose including in patients requiring long segment instrumentation during minimally invasive surgical procedures. In such cases, insertion of the pedicle screw of this invention may facilitate the placement of a conventional longitudinal member.

IP Status: U.S. Utility Patent Application Serial No. 12/729,629

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