Novel Pedicle Screw Assembly for Minimally Invasive Surgery


Project ID: D2009-12/D2010-34

Invention novelty:

Improved structure for a retractable pedicle screw assembly. Pedicle screw assembly utilizes a self-drilling tip that terminates in a cutting tip that can remove bone material from a vertebra and includes an internally drilled threaded bore into which the cutting tip is withdrawn once pedicle screw is placed. 

 Value proposition:

·       Tip portion of the pedicle screw assembly may be manually moved from the extended position to the retracted position to allow the final installation of the pedicle screw assembly

·       Pedicle screw assembly may be mono-axial, having a fixed or unidirectional head permitting movement along one axis only;

·       Avoids the use of fluoroscopic or other imaging or navigational techniques, saving time and significant radiation exposure;

·       Initial advancement of drill tip is by use of the included impaction tool;

·       Further advancement is by simple rotation of threaded pedicle screw assembly which cuts threads directly into the bone;

·       Tip portion becomes permanently housed within the shank of the body portion and is left within the vertebra after installation of the pedicle screw assembly;

Other embodiments and tip configurations, such as pyramidal, diamond, conical, spear, or any other desired shape or combination of shapes may be chosen to facilitate the system.

Applications: May generally be used to secure a device to a bone, but may be used for any desired purpose or surgical procedure.

IP Status: Issued U.S. Patent No. 8,343,201

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