Hinged Adjustable-Height Screw Insertion Tube


Project ID: D2008-45

Invention novelty: Improved telescopic insertion assembly and tool for placement of pedicle screws when multiple screws are inserted during spinal surgery. 


Value proposition:

·       Method of aligning multiple vertebrae using movable and fixed components;

·       Insertion assembly included for penetrating vertebral bodies;

·       Overcomes drawbacks associated with currently available methods including crowding from lumbar lordosis and alignment difficulties when multiple screws are inserted;

·       Provides for easier maneuverability of screws;

·       Position of movable rods can vary between an extended and compressed position for best fit depending upon anatomy;

·       Depth stop indicates the depth of the insertion device;

·       Head of pedicle screw is configured to attach an alignment rod which maintains proper distance and depth of screws.

Applications: Insertion of pedicle screws during spinal surgery.

IP Status: U.S. Utility Patent Application Serial No. 12/484,711

Patent Information:
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