Methods of Making and Using Antibacterial Surfactant/Microgel Formulations


Project ID: D2012-31

Invention Description and Novelty: Antibacterial surfactant formulations are often prepared using cationic surfactants (e.g., alkyltrimethylammonium salts) which are toxic. Consequently, their use in cleaning and disinfecting formulations raises environmental and health concerns. Unique formulations consisting of quaternized microgels and a surfactant have been developed for personal care; or household, hospital, and industrial cleaning. These bio-based formulations exhibit high antimicrobial activity, thus allowing for the use of low concentrations of the active agents to obtain rapid killing of large numbers of microbes upon contact.

Value Proposition: These low concentration formulations have surprising activity in reducing microbial populations on the surfaces without impacting the properties of the surface. Advantages include:

·       Formulation offers an attractive alternative to toxic cationic surfactants and triclosan which degrades into dioxin -- a suspected allergen and carcinogen precursor

·       Non-toxic surfactant cleans and bio-based microgels disinfect

·       Good formulation stability, excellent solubilization and detergency properties

·       Combines high antibacterial activity with low toxicity to mammals

·       Active ingredient can be bio-based and biodegradable

·       Applications of this antibacterial and its derivatives are well-known and widely used  in food, textiles, healthcare, packaging, and other areas

·       May be used for personal care

·       Attractive alternatives to toxic antibacterial formulations 

Applications: Non-toxic antibacterial cleaners for personal care, household, hospital and industrial use. 

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