Amine-terminated Aptamer Functionalized SPR Sensor


Project ID: D2012-07

IP Status: Provisional Application

Invention novelty and description:

This novel invention describes sensors for target entities having at least one amine-terminated aptamer specific to the target entity. Aptamers are artificial oligonucleotides which can serve as antibody mimics because of their high affinity and selectivity for various target compounds ranging from small molecules, such as drugs and dyes, to complex biological molecules such as enzymes, peptides, and proteins. Aptamers are also capable of being reversibly denatured for the release of target compounds, which makes them perfect receptors for biosensing applications.



The direct detection of blood proteins can benefit a number of scientific and clinical applications, such as in monitoring the ratio of specific protein glycation in diabetes, biomarkers for drug research and environmental monitoring, cancer diagnostics and treatment, and the like.  This efficient and faster response measurement method will greatly benefit and enhance the next generation of portable handheld diagnostic devices capable of real-time analysis.


Value proposition:

·       Sensor for detecting the absence or presence of a target entity in which the sensor emits either a baseline or detection signal

·       The sensor can be used for the direct detection of large or small biomolecules, organic molecules, small molecules, nucleic acids, metal ions, proteins, enzymes, peptides, drugs, dyes, cancer cells, viruses, hormones, microorganisms, or blood proteins.

·       The method has a response time of less than 1 minute at about room temperature.

·       Invention includes a kit for the detection of a target entity, comprising at least one container containing a sensor, to which a sample may be added

·       Coupling system provides a stable and repeatable modification of the sensor surface.

·       Developed sensor has an optimal detectable range of 5-1000 nM with good reversibility, sensitivity and selectivity.

·       The immobilization method of adding one or more types of aptamer monomers on the substrate is more cost effective and controllable than when adding many modifications to the aptamer monomer at once.


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