Highly sensitive portable technique for detecting wide variety of biological analytes


Project ID: PHYS00304

IP Status: Issued U.S. Utility Patent 8,143,072

Invention novelty and description:

Novel technology offers a sensitive and broadly applicable system to detect magneto-optical and plasmon-like resonance properties of magnetic nanoparticles (MNP), dosed MNPs and biological analytes using optical or magneto-optical reflection, transmission geometry configurations or nanoscale phenomena.



Clinical, forensics, industrial processing, agriculture and food processing


Value proposition:

Technology provides a rapid, convenient and sensitive means including a compact and automated instrument to detect pathogenic agents and microbes whether embedded on a thin film or matrix or contained in a medium (air, aerosols and complex media such as soil, food, bodily fluids) in many applications in a wide range of industries including:

·        Targeted analytes include but are not limited to: Biological cells, microorganisms, cellular organelles, cell membrane fragments, bacteriophage, bacteriophage fragments, whole viruses, viral fragments, proteins, peptides, nucleic acids, peptide nucleic acids, antibodies, receptors, molecules

·        Clinical: Identifies disease or serious illness

·        Agriculture and food production: Rapid, convenient and sensitive means to detect contamination from agents such as Escherichia coli (E. coli), spoiling, or food poisoning

·        Forensics: In case of a terrorist attack provides an early alert to detect biological agents and toxins

·        Industrial processing: May be used to measure and analyze the concentration of trace species in flowing gas streams and liquids with a high degree of speed and accuracy. Useful for leak detection, process control, detection of material degradation, control of concentration

·        Kits: Embodies methods and includes various components of available device/apparatus/integrated systems.

·        Optional: Computer-readable medium and a programmed computer system for detecting magnetic nanoparticles.

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