Electronic circuit for measuring series-connected electrochemical cell voltages for use in hybrid and electric vehicles


Project ID: ENG0098C

Invention Description and Novelty:

An electronic circuit for efficiently and accurately measuring individual voltages in a series-connected electrochemical energy storage device which may be utilized with electric and hybrid vehicles.

This technology includes a voltage transfer circuit for measuring the individual segment voltages within an energy storage device. The circuit includes a plurality of battery segments forming the energy storage device. An amplifier circuit is connected across one of the battery segments for converting a differential voltage to a reference current. A sense resistor is associated with the amplifier circuit to convert the reference current to a voltage signal which is proportional to the voltage across the battery segment. A voltage measurement node associated with the sensing resistor may be used for measuring the voltage signal. In one embodiment of the invention, a multiplexing and sampling circuit provides digitized voltage samples to a processor. The voltage level of each cell within the battery pack can then be monitored by the processor.       

Applications:  Batteries for Hybrid and Hybrid Electric vehicles

Value proposition:

Novel system provides advantages including:

1.     System allows for a high degree of accuracy when measuring both the lowest potential cell voltages and the highest potential cell voltages.

2.     Provides a highly efficient electronic circuit which minimizes any loss within the circuit.

3.     Provide an electronic circuit with various switched components to prevent the leakage of current from the energy storage device when the circuit is not being used.  


IP Status: U.S. Utility Patents Issued # 6,411,097; 6,166,549


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