Mouse Glucocorticoid Receptor beta Polyclonal Antibody


Project ID: D2012-45


Antigen Specificity: Mouse GRβ


Clone: rMGRβ


Specificity: Detects mouse GRβ, but shows no reactivity to mouse GRα


Host species: Rabbit


Reactive species: Mouse



The polyclonal antibody recognizes the glucocorticoid receptor β (GRβ) in mouse. Glucocorticoid hormones control diverse physiological processes, including metabolism and immunity, by activating the major glucocorticoid receptor (GR) isoform, GRα. However, humans express an alternative isoform, human (h) GRβ, which can act as an inhibitor of hGRα to produce a state of glucocorticoid resistance, but which can also act independently of GRα to control a unique gene profile. In humans, evidence exists that hGRβ contributes to many diseases and resistance to glucocorticoid hormone therapy. Severe asthma, leukemia, ulcerative colitis, chronic sinusitis, systemic lupus erythematosus, and possibly cigarette smoking all correlate with overexpression of GRβ. To date, rigorous testing of the GRβ contribution to inflammatory and metabolic processes has not been possible, because rodents, especially mice, were not thought to express the β-isoform. Hinds et al demonstrated for first time, the expression of GRβ mRNA and protein in the mouse. It was also shown that mGRβ is highly expressed in muscle, liver, spleen and kidney and to a lesser extent in heart of mouse. In mice, a GRα-independent role for GRβ in control of lipid metabolism has recently been uncovered by Hinds et al (Unpublished). This antibody helps in the investigations on physiology and disease in much-needed rodent model of GRβ.


Applications: Western blot, Immunochemistry, Immunoprecipitation



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