Expandable Corpectomy Cage for Cervical Spine Reconstruction


Project ID: D2009-32

Invention novelty:

Open design, variable height corpectomy cage may be secured and released once implanted, and features expandable mesh material into which bone graft material may be packed.


Value proposition:

·       Four variable length telescoping titanium rods may be straight or curved to fit the area of the spine that is being repaired.

·       Ratcheting mechanism allows the telescoping rods to be varied in length in finite increments.

·       May be secured by serrations and released once implanted

·       Set screws are provided to lock the telescoping rod in the desired position once the appropriate spacing has been achieved between the adjacent vertebrae

·       Expandable titanium mesh material forms a tubular cage into which bone or bone graft material is packed

·       After bone graft material is packed into the cage, a fourth lateral mesh wall is attached to the open side of the cage to form a completely contained cage structure.

·       End rings may be ovoid, trapezoid or other generally four sided shapes may be utilized to efficiently match the removed vertebrae.


Corpectomy cage provides support in place of removed or damaged vertebrae.

IP Status: Issued U.S. Patent No. 8,152,852


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