Anchoring pedicle screw


Project ID: D2009-36

Invention Description and Novelty: Removable anchoring pedicle screw that includes an implant mounting screw, an anchor screw, and a nose piece. The anchor screw can be rotated relative to the implant mounting screw such that the nose piece engages an expandable anchor. The expandable anchor is disposed between the implant mounting screw and the nose piece such that rotation of the anchor screw relative to the implant mounting screw causes expansion of the expandable anchor.  

Value proposition:

·       Firmly anchors a spinal implant to cancellous bone within vertebra

·       Prevents loosening or backing-out of the pedicle screws reducing pain due to displacement of spinal implant.

·       Allows for pedicle screw to be removed and reinstalled.

Applications: Anchoring pedicle screw assembly for fixing an implant to a vertebra during spinal surgery in which the ability to remove a pedicle screw is desired.

IP Status: Issued U.S. Patent No. 8,734,497

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Medical Device
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