Lateral Fixation Assembly for Spinal Column


Project ID: D2008-46

Invention novelty:

Lateral fixation assembly that allows for vertical translation of the assembly for custom fit based upon individual anatomy. 

Value proposition:

·       If desired, invention may be used together with corpectomy cage to provide additional support to the affected spinal region;

·       Method of aligning multiple vertebrae using movable and fixed components;

·       Position of movable rods can vary along the major axis between an extended and compressed position for best fit depending upon anatomy;

·       Assembly includes staples configured with cleats which act as anchors penetrating the vertebrae until the staple is firmly seated;

·       Stiffness and pull out strength are improved as invention allows for pedicle screws to be placed close to the end plates of the vertebra where bone quality is better due to a greater volume of cortical bone in that region;

·       In situations when additional posterior fixation is anticipated as being necessary, staples may be placed close to the lower end plates of the respective vertebra so that staples will be out of the path of vertebral anchors that are placed during subsequent posterior surgery.


Lateral fixation assembly installed during a spinal surgery to engage two more vertebrae and maintain a desired spacing and alignment.

IP Status: Issued U.S. Utility Patent 8,197,516

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